How a Single Woman Should Consider Decorating Their Game Room or Den

Men have long been the masters of the game room or den. Why don’t more single women get recognition for having that game room or den that not only adds value to their home but makes for a great place to just hang out with her female friends. In order to have a one-of-a-kind game room where you can feel comfortable and happy; you can use colors that are non-traditional. It does not have to mean that the room will have a single color like red, fuchsia or pink. It could be a blend of exciting colors like blue, violet, orange, green, brown and even black just as long as you will mix and match and add your own flavor into it.

Be as creative as you can be and let out your real independent self come out. The game room has to be you and has to embrace your style and your passion for life. First, you need to design your room according to the intended function and what are the needed items inside? Imagine yourself standing in front of the mirror with all of the other items behind you and figure out what kind of room you would like to have. Would you like to make it look spontaneous and adventurous or would you like to make the room romantic? It is all up to your needs and desires. If you plan to spend a lot of time in the room makes sure that you will have enough space for the items you desire. Here are some tips for decorating your game room:

What are you hobbies and what do you do with you spare time. A golfer? Put up you golf memorabilia. A wine drinker? Why not a wine bar. Card player? You definitely want a card table. Do you like to sew? What better place to put your sewing machine. Of course you can always put in the standard items such as a pool table and dart board. But don’t do it unless you also enjoy it. Remember this room is for you and your female friends. As you can see the ideas are only limited by your imagination.

Create something personal – The game room has to say something about your life and one of the best ways to express this is to have personalized signs. They could be placed on the door with a quirky quote. You can have personalized wooden signs that express the favorite movie line of you favorite movie. Some lines that are hailed from the best movies in the 90s up to the present time can be a good start. Women are said to be lovers of words and they remember what the person has said to her rather than what they had done for her, something that sets them apart from the male psyche.

The room has to be alive, which means no dull colors. Life has many worries and duties. Make sure that your mood will lighten up when you go inside your game room. A simple handcrafted wood sign that contains a quote that makes you smile is worth a thousand words from friends. The room has to grow on you and has to be able to deal with the ups and downs of a woman.

The game room has to be easy to clean and it should be flexible. The items you choose to add should be able to be moved from one place to another easily. You don’t want to have to ask a man for any help. It needs to be flexible so that it can also be used for other purposes when friends come over. Game rooms need to have as much space as you can allow and choose your favorite floor covering but remember wine stains can be hard to get out of carpet. Last but not least. Make it yours and yours alone and enjoy.